Pergolesi's Stabat Mater with Harry Bicket produced by the Santa Fe Desert Chorale

"A stronger impression was made by Karloski, whose rendering of the mezzo-soprano part was spot-on for the assignment. Her voice is beautifully suited for oratorio, and the sincerity of her delivery, along with her poised bearing and physical presentation, forged an almost palpable connection with the audience."

James M. Keller, Santa Fe New Mexican


Mozart’s Mass in C minor with the Oratorio Society of New York

"Pittsburgh-born Helen Karloski displayed a fine, straightforward instrument with genuine mezzo timbre; her vocal production was commendably even...She and Zetlan blended their voices with musicianly skill."

David Shengold, Opera News


Telemann's Der Tag des Gerichts with the American Classical Orchestra

"Mr. Crawford’s performance was quite simply splendid. “Der Tag” is populated by a variety of characters, two named (Jesus and John), the rest allegorical (Faith, the Archangel, the Blessed and the like). Mr. Crawford divided them among his 16 choristers, who were almost uniformly excellent, both individually and as a body.

To single out a few is to slight many. But some demand mention: Jonathan Woody (Disbelief), Helen Karloski (Reason), Brian Giebler (Mocker), Enrico Lagasca (Devotion) and Steven Eddy (Jesus)."

James R. Oestreich, The New York Times


Dvorák’s Stabat Mater with the Omaha Symphony

"Each member of the guest quartet brings an impressive résumé of operatic and even Broadway roles to Omaha...For her part, mezzo-soprano Helen Karloski strikingly matched her facial expressions to the unrelentingly somber lyrics. In the next-to-last movement, she realized her voice’s potential for deep resonance in pleading that God might 'let me be guarded by the cross' and that Mary would defend her on Judgment Day 'lest I be destroyed by fire.' "

Todd von Kampen, The Omaha World Herald


Johnson's Considering Matthew Shepard with Conspirare (Harmonia Mundi)

"It’s hard to listen to his mother, Judy (Helen Karloski, with a heart-tugging tremor in her voice), singing about him without welling up."

Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News